Sunday, December 7, 2014

Win the game of “whack a mole” - Kelsey Recht of Venuebook

Six Habits of Highly Successful Founders

#5. Win the game of “whack a mole” - Kelsey Recht of Venuebook

A startup up is a highly iterative journey. First working to product market fit then moving forwards to optimize your product/service and delivery to customers - so testing and learning to identify what works and does not work. Then you quickly fix things that are not working. 

As you scale you always encounter new obstacles. Kelsey Recht CEO of Venuebook noted that one of her board members calls it "whack a mole". ie you fix one bottleneck and another one is created someplace else. 

What I know Kelsey does very well is having an open dialogue where team members feel they can bring up growth pain points and then address them very quickly. Kelsey’s motto is “don't tell me who caused the problem, just tell me how to fix it.”  

Besides being a smart way to iterate, embedded in this approach is a strong message about the culture of the firm she is building - problems/issues happen all the time so surface them don’t hide them. The whole team benefits when things are more transparent and the focus is on solutions and ceaselessly improving the product and customer experience.

Lesson: There is always a new mole. Whacking it and moving on is a team sport.

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