Sunday, December 7, 2014

Pitch, pitch and pitch again – Erika Trautman of Rapt Media

Six Habits of Highly Successful Founders

#3. Pitch, pitch and pitch again – Erika Trautman of Rapt Media

Like many (most!?) start up CEOs Erika Trautman at Rapt Media has spent considerably more time than she ever thought likely or even possible talking to money. In the last three years, which have seen her go from multiple notes to and A and most recently a B round she estimates that fund raising has taken up 40% of her Rapt Media life. 

The statistics about the imbalance in funding of women led companies by angels and even more so VCs are well known and the issues of unconscious (mostly) bias that lie behind this are complex and subtle. However as Erika wrote in an article for Entrepreneur Magazine, after talking with 200 investors she learnt a lot. 

Obviously appreciating quickly, if not from the get go, that fundraising is a key part of the CEOs job description is one. But more so developing you story told by an authentic you and seeking the investors with whom that story will resonate. As she put it: “ultimately, shrewd tenacity may be even more important than selling the dream.”

Lesson: Pitching is a core function of the CEO - but only pitch as the real you

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