Sunday, December 7, 2014

Never, never, never give in – Allison Dorst of Pinks and Greens

Six Habits of Highly Successful Founders

#2. Never, never, never give in – Allison Dorst of Pinks and Greens

It is hard to single out any single entrepreneur for their grit and determination. Because, of course, it goes with the territory. However as an investor it is nonetheless impressive to see a founder who has bootstrapped themselves to $1mn/year+ in revenues learning the ins and outs of an entirely new business to along the way. This is especially so for Allison Dorst, a founder who was a banker for nine years and decided to learn ecommerce business from the bottom up ... and built Pinks and Greens in the process.

Needless to say I have a bias when it comes to the much maligned investment banker class having been one myself. Although, as I wrote last year, I genuinely believe that ibankers have an intensity of customer focus and timeliness that fits well in startup land. Quite rightly investors put a high premium on domain expertise and market knowledge. 

But in my view that expertise can be learnt and learn quickly especially by someone working it 24/7 who is in continuous learning mode and never gives up. A couple of years of that sort of domain expertise acquisition is a very powerful way to acquire the proverbial “unfair advantage”.

Lesson: Be super persistent and always be learning

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