Sunday, December 7, 2014

JFDI - Julia Shapiro and Jules Miller of Hire an Esquire

Six Habits of Highly Successful Founders

#6. JFDI - Julia Shapiro and Jules Miller of Hire an Esquire

One of the core values that the Hire and Esquire (HaE) co-founders Julia Shapiro (CEO) and Jules Miller (COO) have instilled at their company Hire and Esquire is proactivity. That is easy to say … but what does it mean in startup practice? 

At HaE it means “JFDI” (Just f-ing do it!”). In daily routine when you or I (definitely I) might say "we should schedule a meeting for x" or "we should email y" Julia and Jules pause and just do it at that very moment. So a procrastination embargo.

A specific example of how this works beyond the day to day of office life came about when they talked "legal tech collaboration" with another legal tech entrepreneur at a happy hour. In that dialog they and came up with the idea of a legal tech demo day to bring customers to HaE. What next? JFDI! So over the next few weeks they planned it and made it happen starting with EvolveLaw Demo Day at WeWork with 25 people. Next iteration working with Stanford CodeX to host an event with 150+ people. 

Julia and Jules believe that they have successfully instilled the JFDI approach in (most - it’s a never ending education process) of their team. And they are delighted to see how much team members get done when the co-founders aren’t bottlenecks! But for JFDI to work a) they have to trust your team and crucially b) they need to make sure that their team members have a clear sense of the company’s priorities to frame their independent decisions.

Lesson: JFDI - it’s as simple as that!

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