Saturday, November 15, 2014

My latest investment: Validately - a really neat tool to assist in UX design

Validately: Validate demand or usability on a clickable prototype or live feature

I recently invested in Validately. thought I would share some of the details because in todays fast iteration/lean development world it is a really neat tool for most anyone to use - early stage startup or more established business - to quickly test out UX features ... before spending the time and money to put them into production. Emphasizing Validately's appeal as lean development tool Steve Blank, whose book: "Fours Steps to an Epiphany" arguably launched the whole lean startup movement, is also an investor.

CEO and co-founder Steven Cohn is happy to do a quick demo so ping him at if you or someone on your engineering team wants to learn more directly.

Here is the a more detailed take from Steven on what Validately is all about:

Product value statement: Only build what customers will use!

How: Validately is a rapid user feedback platform to test demand or usability on a clickable prototype or live feature! We also offer free education and consulting on Lean User Testing best practices.

Process Education: 
  • Our blog (Lean User Testing Tactics) has some great lessons.
  • We also offer Free consulting to select customers. We can review existing tests, plan a new test or discuss organizational testing process.
Product Features:
  • Recruit. Test on our targeted panel (including Consumer & B2B targeting options) or on your customers (using our free recruit widget).
  • Record. We record every mouse click, page scroll, text input box that your testers do and playback the recording at your convenience. We support our own prototyping tool, as well as InVision, Axure and HTML prototypes. It even works with live HTML sites (no messy browser plugin required).
  • Analyze. Filter results using our funnel & exit reports or graphs of qualitative responses.
  • Affordable. Priced to let your team test and learn without thinking about cost.