Sunday, August 25, 2013

Women-Led: The Untapped Investment Opportunity

Women-Led: The Untapped Investment Opportunity

The PanelPicker process for SXSW 2014 is in full flight. I am on the roster thanks to Springboard Enterprises who are sponsoring a panel focused on the funding of women founded/led high growth companies. Details below but most importantly ... VOTE HERE.
Thanks in advance for your support!


I am honored to be have asked to join Josh Henderson on the (gender balanced!) panel along with Lauren Flanagan and Trish Costello:

Lauren Flanagan - Managing Partner, BELLE Capital USA, LP
Trish Costello - CEO & founder, Portfolia

Panel Details:

Companies that are led by women or have diverse teams are shown to outperform those without women on the team, and yet private investments in these companies is far below what would be expected. Investors maintain that their decisions have nothing to do with the gender of the CEO. Less than 10% of venture investments are made in companies with a woman founder and/or CEO, yet according to the SBA women own about 50 percent of all businesses. There are many studies and impressive statistics to show the career and entrepreneurial potential of women indicating that they are an untapped business opportunity for investors. In 2000, the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor recommended increasing the participation of women in entrepreneurship as a necessity for long-term economic prosperity. Three investors who have 'made a market' in investing in women-led businesses reveal their rationale and ROI.