Thursday, May 9, 2013

Venture Capital's Gender Diversity Challenge

Latest Midas List and the continued extreme gender imbalance in Venture Capital Land

Really, 3%?

Highlighting the continued gender diversity challenge of the Venture Capital Industry the number of women VCs listed in the latest Forbes Midas List fell to just three of one hundred ranked. So congrats to Jenny Hongwei Lee (GGV - #36), Mary Meeker (Kleiner Perkins - #47) and Theresia Gouw (Accel #82).

Financial services broadly is well know as been a tough environment for women. But I am pleased to say that when it comes to Angel Investing the numbers seem to be improving. A number of groups and initiatives (Astia, Golden Seeds, Pipeline Fellowship, 37 Angels to name a few I am involved with) are working to bring more women into the Angel Investing world and both directly and indirectly work to support women entrepreneurs too.

The Center for Venture Research recently reported a rise in the proportion of women Angels in 2012 to 22%. So a clear improvement after the proprotion had been stuck in the 10-15% range since the middle of the last decade. But the Midas List (more broadly women make up just 11% of investment professionals at Venture Capital firms) shows that Venture Capital Land is, sadly and more than ever, in a league of its own.